Tattoo ideas to get started

Many people want to tattoo their skin but are afraid to do it. There is no lack of inspiring tattoo ideas to help you make the right choice. These ideas are valid for all parts of the body: forearm tattoos, rib tattoos, foot tattoos, underarm tattoos, finger tattoos, hand tattoos, behind-the-ear tattoos, wrist tattoos… Among the possibilities, the simple, nature-like big girl tattoo with a flight of crows, a deer’s head or a dandelion. Others would prefer lettering, although in this case you should think about giving your tattoo artist a spelling test. The trend is for geometric tattoos (triangles, parallelepipeds and segments of all kinds). Finally, we suggest you tattoo a heart with the initial of your love or why not musical notes for the most music lovers among you.

How to choose the perfect tattoo?

The main criteria and advice for choosing a tattoo

Areas of the body

The choice of tattoo location is personal: some tattoos are done in places that you don’t show to the general public, others that you like to show off.


The styles of tattooing are nowadays rich and multiple and one is quickly lost when choosing. Each style corresponds to an era, a trend or sometimes to a state of mind.


Cat, dog, zebra, rabbit, lion, elephant, tiger or even shark or turtle… Animal tattoos often have personal meanings and cultural symbolism.


Although birds are different, they all represent the desire to be free. People who get bird tattoos are often looking for this most coveted trait.

Worms and scriptures

Some people want to have a phrase engraved on their skin forever to hide a small unsightly scar or to commemorate someone with a beautiful name tattoo.

Ephemeral and natural tattoos

Ink designed to disappear after one year

Temporary tattoos for men and women

For those who dare not take the plunge and who are still hesitating before the transition to permanent tattooing, there is an alternative: the ephemeral tattoo! And there are male and female tattoo versions. The temporary tattoo is the trendy accessory of the moment because it is without commitment! It’s often easy to apply, painless and only lasts between three and ten days. It’s a good option for a first tattoo, especially if you’re afraid of getting the wrong design. The cost of a temporary tattoo is inevitably much cheaper than a real one. You will find sober black ones (black ink), of course, but also very trendy gold and silver tattoos.

Your tattoo reveals your personality

The placement of a tattoo says a lot about your personality. A tattoo on the forearm means strength. If it’s soft and feminine, it means the wearer is sensitive inside. A tattoo on the back of the neck symbolises risk-taking and bold decisions. And those behind the ear reveal the free spirit of the wearer.

Pain-free tattoo removal!

The pain of tattoo removal is a thing of the past. Laser machines have been invented to remove any tattoo without feeling any pain. Whatever the tattoo technique, of which there are eight (electric tattoo, bamboo tattoo, maori tattoo, metal tube tattoo, watercolour tattoo, blacklight tattoo, botanical tattoo and prison tattoo), it is now possible to get rid of them without feeling anything, except for a little tingling. This technique also promotes hygiene and skin care.