Tattoo trends

Zoom on the 100% vegan tattoo trend

Being vegan, for those who don’t know it, is nowadays a real way of life which aims particularly at privileging the respect of animals. Becoming more and more present, we can now eat, dress and even tattoo ourselves vegan. Vegan…

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The tattoo on the face, a rarity that has become very trendy

Becoming more and more fashionable, face tattooing is currently a practice that attracts a large number of tattoo candidates. Once a rarity, the amateurs and enthusiasts of this art stuck to the body choose to take the plunge and decide…

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Tribal, mahori, tahitian: when tattooing rhymes with travel

Tattoos are not just traits of belonging to a group, we choose to get a tattoo because we are passionate about it, just like travel. Considered even as a fashion art par excellence, it can rhyme with Tahitian, tribal, Marquesan…

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Where to get your first tattoo ?

When you love tattoos, the day often comes when you decide to go for it and start thinking about where to get your first tattoo. Whether it’s the salon you choose, but also the type of tattoo and its location,…

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Tips and tricks for a successful tattoo

Getting a tattoo is more and more trendy nowadays. Moreover, it is this craze that has pushed some tattoo artists to improve their techniques and their equipment. From now on, if a person decides to get a tattoo, there will…

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