After getting tattooed

Hygiene and precaution when you have a recent tattoo

Where to place my tattoo ? Which design should I choose among its hundreds of models ? These questions arise every time we want to get a tattoo. It even comes to exceed our spirit and makes us forget essential…

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Can the tattoo get infected ?

Even 15 years after its realization, the tattoo can still get infected. You probably didn’t know it, but not everybody cares about the sanitary aspect in relation to the cleanliness of the salons. Yet this first one, in other words…

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Can we have allergic reactions ?

Tattoos, although they are very fashionable nowadays, can have serious consequences for the client. Allergic reactions are one of the common complications that occur after an ephemeral or permanent tattoo session. All about allergic reactions Tattooing is an ancient practice…

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First hours, first days: tattoo care

You have finally decided to get a tattoo for the first time in your life? That’s great! However, don’t forget that care should also be taken once it’s finished. This precaution is essential so that the tattoo can heal very…

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How to remove a tattoo efficiently ?

Tattoo removal is a method of removing tattoos from your body. Certainly, an image can mean a lot of things today, but in a few years it may not be of interest anymore. The name of an ex-girlfriend, a tattoo…

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