Hygiene and precaution when you have a recent tattoo

Where to place my tattoo ? Which design should I choose among its hundreds of models ? These questions arise every time we want to get a tattoo. It even comes to exceed our spirit and makes us forget essential elements not to be taken lightly. Among these last ones is particularly the notion of hygiene tattooing.in this optics, which are the hygienic precautions to be taken into account before, during and after the tattooing ?

Tattoos: some hygiene measures to take into consideration

As you know, tattoos are an engraving technique which generates for sure wounds towards the skin because of the needle used during the session. So, it becomes essential to know the necessary tattoo hygiene measures before, during and even after this realization. And this is the necessity to call a professional tattoo artist for your tattoo. Indeed, knowing their job from A to Z, the professional artist proceeds to the realization of his work in all knowledge of the hygienic measures to be respected. So, the tattooed person can avoid any risk of viral infections or other. To do this, the artist or the professional tattooist will use sterilized material or also single use. This measure is primordial and allowed among other things to limit the transmission of virus like AIDS. But the problem does not always come from the tattooist. The tattooed person is also obliged to take a part of responsibility in the care of his tattoo, that is to say to disinfect it 2 to 3 times a day. In 2009 for example, a sanitary regulation appears.

The tattoo: precautions to take into account

After the realization of your tattoo, it becomes essential to take into account some precautions. During the period of cicatrization, it is essential to foresee ample clothes which protect you from the sunburns. You should also not swim or go swimming during this period. This ancestral practice that was intended to decorate the skin also requires that you choose the right tattoo artist to do the work, a professional who cares about your health and who takes the trouble to advise you on the various precautions to take into account. You will also need to examine all the hygiene conditions in force.

Avoid tattooing on moles or on a wound

A tattoo is not recommended on diseased or cancerous skin. Also, it is necessary to avoid tattooing on moles at all costs. In fact, in some cases, the problem is not the client's or the tattoo artist's, but the fact that his or her body is not healing properly. In this case, the reactions surface only in the months following the session, and especially when the tattooed person starts to scratch the tattooed part all day long, which always leads to a deformation of the inked image. This is an unpredictable reaction. And when the client is suffering from a disease already known in advance, it is essential to avoid getting a tattoo during the period of an outbreak of the disease. And immediately seek a qualified dermatologist to do a complete follow-up of your health condition. However, if you plan to get a tattoo, this practice is not prohibited, especially since it has become a fashionable phenomenon for the definite improvement of your body image. Also, entrust the work to a serious tattoo artist has taken full advantage of all the instructions of hygiene tattooing.
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