Can the tattoo get infected ?

Published on : 29 November 20213 min reading time
Even 15 years after its realization, the tattoo can still get infected. You probably didn’t know it, but not everybody cares about the sanitary aspect in relation to the cleanliness of the salons. Yet this first one, in other words the sanitary side is very essential.

How to recognize an infected tattoo ?

In one situation or another, it can happen that a tattoo becomes embarrassing. More precisely, it can happen that this tattoo infection can reoccur during the hours that follow the realization, while in some cases it appears only years after the blow of the needles. And it is often difficult to distinguish a normal discomfort from the infected one. This is why it is important to know the signs of infection in order to avoid the dangerous risks that can occur at any time. However, it is essential to wait a few days before drawing a conclusion because after the session, the tattoo becomes red, sensitive and sometimes swollen. In addition, during the first 48 hours after the procedure, avoid making any hasty decisions at all costs. It is also important to take good care of your wound. Simply wash it and follow the tattoo artist’s recommendations. Don’t forget to check if your skin is swollen or not and take your temperature daily.

How to treat a tattoo infection?

When you plan to get a tattoo, it becomes essential to know the signs that show whether it is very well an infection or not. Also, if you are facing an infection, you will have to show your tattoo to your tattoo artist very quickly. Show him the evolution of your tattoo and ask his opinion. And if you notice some serious symptoms such as smelly secretions, go to the emergency room without further delay so that a doctor can help you as soon as possible. The doctor will evaluate your case and prescribe the appropriate antibiotics. Don’t worry because local infections are easily treated. However, for more serious cases, the treatment is more complex. It also happens that the application of a particular cream can arrange your situation and can largely be enough to keep the tattoo much cleaner.

How to avoid a tattoo infection ?

Like all skin wounds, tattoos often tend to get infected, especially if we don’t give them the necessary care according to the hygienic standards. We don’t really realize the consequences of an infected tattoo, but the consequences can be serious on the health. Between inflammations, suppurations, intense pains, or bad smells, you might as well avoid that these symptoms occur. For that, you should keep your tattoo clean by washing it with warm water and drying it well. You will also have to let the tattoo receive the air naturally that it needs so that it can heal very quickly. Also, you should avoid wearing clothes that can irritate your tattoo. And you should also avoid exposure to the sun. But the most important thing is to tattoo only with a professional and licensed tattoo artist.

In short, tattoo infection is a problem that can occur either because of the uncleanliness of the materials used during the session, or because of the client having skin diseases. In addition to that, as caution is the mother of safety, you will also have to make sure that the tattoo artist uses new needles at each session.

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