First hours, first days: tattoo care

You have finally decided to get a tattoo for the first time in your life? That's great! However, don't forget that care should also be taken once it's finished. This precaution is essential so that the tattoo can heal very quickly and easily. Moreover, besides keeping the wound clean and not exposing it to the sun, it is also essential to plan other care.

Tattoo care: listen to everything the tattoo artist says

For a first tattoo, apart from the cleaning, it goes without saying to respect the instructions, as well as the guidelines given by the tattoo artist. A professional in the art of the trade, he is the only one able to explain to you to the letter the key points to take into consideration to take good care of your tattoo right after its realization in a salon. In addition, try to follow and apply all his instructions to avoid all risks of dangerous infection which can occur with the passing of time. In this respect, the way of applying the dressing may differ from one artist to another, which is quite logical. That's why it's important to listen to the advice given by your tattoo artist, which will help your tattoo to heal properly. And if you think that you are not going to remember all the instructions given, you might as well write them down on a piece of paper or record them in your phone messages so that you don't forget them.

Tattoo care: keep the dressing on for a few more days

The second care for your new tattoo is quite easy to do because you simply have to keep your bandage for a long time, between 2 to 6 hours before removing it. Indeed, when the artist finishes your tattoo, he has to clean the wound properly by using adequate products and by applying antibacterial ointment on the tattooed area, before covering it with a plastic or fabric bandage. However, it is advisable to always leave the bandage on its place even when you leave the tattoo parlour. Among other things, it is a kind of protection for the tattoo against dirt and various outside bacteria. However, the amount of time the bandage should be left on varies from one tattoo artist to another. So you might as well always ask your artist how long it takes to keep the bandage on the tattooed body part.

Tattoo care: stay clean and wash your hands before touching it

Health is an important issue and it always starts with the cleanliness of yourself by washing your hands. Indeed, these last ones must be well clean before you remove the bandage. This step is essential, which will allow you to avoid the infection of your tattoo when you touch it. Also said, a tattoo is a painful wound, and is even more so when the bandage is removed. And to help you control this pain, you may want to wet the bandage with a small amount of lukewarm water to make it easier to peel off.  Also, remove the bandage slowly to avoid damaging your new armadillo. When you wash it, don't soak it in water, just take a little and pour it on the tattooed area with antimicrobial soap. You could also rub the area very gently to remove without fail the ink that has smudged. Then let it air dry, a completely natural care for your new tattoo.
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