Is getting a tattoo painful?

When we plan to get a tattoo, we make a decision that affects us for our whole life. And even if tattooing has become a very fashionable act today, an act of modification can still be an effective solution to give it back its former glory. And pain is a question that haunts the mind of many tattoo candidates.

Tattooing: an act that hurts or not?

Most of the time those who wish to apprehend a first tattoo are the ones who wonder most often if the pain is excruciating or bearable! The tattoo pain felt is subjective, but if others have survived, why wouldn't you be able to bear this unbearable tattoo torture? However, after the first tattoo, the second and the third and so on. This is where tattooing becomes a more or less painful pleasure. It is quite clear that this ancestral practice can hurt! The pain is especially accentuated when the needle penetrates your skin. As such, we can say that it is a tradition sacrificing the body. The first tattoo remains obviously a difficult moment to prepare.

Tattooing and pain: some advice to prepare for it

As said above, pain is always present during a tattoo, but how to face it? The answer is quite simple, the great strength is the mental. You have to prepare yourself mentally. Indeed, if you choose to focus on the needle during your engraving session, it is sure that you will feel the pain strongly. In this case, it is best to try to relax in a completely natural way without taking any kind of sedative. Just take a deep breath and remember to occupy your mind with something else so that the tattoo artist can work in complete serenity. In some cases, the position may even allow you to play a fun game on your smartphone like Candy Crush or others. This will definitely help you relax. And there are those people who prefer listening to good music instead. A soft melody won't hurt you and you will surely forget the painful feeling.

Tattoo pain: places to avoid and to favour

Besides the size of the tattoo to be done, which is one of the determining factors of this excessive pain during the tattoo session, knowing the places to avoid is also important. It is quite obvious! There are certain areas of the body that are much less sensitive than others, especially when it's your first tattoo. In addition, it is much better to start with a tattoo in less sensitive areas such as the thighs, forearms, shoulders, buttocks, or calves, instead of directly attacking areas more exposed to pain. Among these are for example the bottom of the feet, the face, the inside of the hand, the inside of the ears, sex, eyes are strongly discouraged. Why not? The truth is that the pain is much more intense in these areas. Because the realization of a tattoo can become a traumatic session, the best solution is to remain calm and relaxed during the process. Indeed, this allows you to better support the pains and torments especially when the tattoo is exposed to a sunburn. Especially since it lasts only a few days. And don't forget that many people have gone before you.
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