The tattoo on the face, a rarity that has become very trendy

Becoming more and more fashionable, face tattooing is currently a practice that attracts a large number of tattoo candidates. Once a rarity, the amateurs and enthusiasts of this art stuck to the body choose to take the plunge and decide to adopt a particular style. A little daring, the face tattoo allows you to stand out exclusively from the others.

The face tattoo, a popular ancestral practice

Popular? That's the word! Because if in the past people chose to get tattooed only on their body, nowadays, some people choose to anchor drawings, words or initials on their face to stand out from the others in the streets. It has quickly become trendy because it has been seen too often on TV on the faces of famous rappers. And these young people are usually between 16 or 17 years old only. As a sign of vulgarity and thuggery, these people were considered different and deviant in his community. In other words, it is simply a matter of not respecting others. The tattoo is not only used to mark the belonging of a person to a group, but also to mark the aesthetic. And over the years, it also conceals other previously hidden meanings. The face and for its part a very sensitive area but still very privileged by young people to anchor this type of body art.

The tattoo on the face, its origin from A to Z

The tattoo draws for what does not know it its origin of New Zealand is the Maoris, Amazighs, Berbers and Kabyles. You immediately noticed it in the famous cartoon of Moana or Vaiana... Although it can be recognized worldwide, it certainly belongs only to these tribes mentioned above. The majority of you are wondering, why choose the face as a support, and the answer is quite simple, for everyone to see. The tattoo reflects the personality and character of the person who has it. But for Maori men in particular, a facial tattoo shows his strength and courage, especially when you know that tattooing on this area is much more painful. While for women, it is an enhancement of her exquisite beauty allowing her to seduce the man of her dreams for sure.

Facial tattoo: a broader meaning

A priori, know that all tattoos have a meaning. Also, its meaning varies depending on the location of the tattoo in question on the face. Here for example, if you choose to mark your tattoo on the top of your forehead, chin or the line around your nose, it means that you have a good social position or that you belong to a well defined group. And based on this principle, a Maori tattoo on the face is simply a way to tell your own story to others. And there are those people who decide to have empty tears tattooed on their face to pay tribute to a deceased friend who they absolutely want to avenge his death. In this light, it is quite possible to conclude that revenge has been accomplished when the design is filled in. The stars symbolize protection and the desire to be reunited with family and loved ones. A group of swallows is a reminder of the hardships the wearer has overcome. There are so many meanings for tattoos that it is impossible to mention them all. The best thing is to find out what the drawings mean.
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