Tips and tricks for a successful tattoo

Getting a tattoo is more and more trendy nowadays. Moreover, it is this craze that has pushed some tattoo artists to improve their techniques and their equipment. From now on, if a person decides to get a tattoo, there will be little risk for his skin and the result is guaranteed. Provided, of course, that they turn to professionals. But are there any tips to make a success of your tattoo?

Choose your tattoo and its location

According to the experts, the first advice before tattooing is to give yourself time to think and to select the motif. There is nothing more frustrating than walking through the doors of a tattoo artist and not having a precise idea of the tattoo you want to get. Moreover, giving him a vague description can destabilize him and the rendering obtained can be different from the customer's expectations. Generally, the tattoo of a person must correspond to him. This refers to his character, his personality, his passion or even to the trials he has been through. As for the designs in the catalogs offered by the salons, it is advisable to think twice before taking the risk. And for good reason, it is possible to come across these impersonal designs on other skins. Thus, to facilitate the work of the tattooist, some bring their own photos, models, drawings, writings. It is important to know that most tattoo artists like challenges and love to be offered a project. It brings them experience and allows them to gain notoriety.

Prepare your skin and prepare for the pain

According to dermatologists, the first advice before tattooing is to take good care of your skin. Indeed, to engrave a drawing on a skin in bad state, damaged, can be difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of it before booking a slot with a tattoo artist. To do so, it is necessary to preserve it from lesions and sun. Here, creams with an oily texture and tinted are to be prohibited. They can overload the skin and not take the ink. In addition to that, it is also necessary to get in condition. This generally consists of hydrating well, resting and eating healthily before the session. A well-prepared, relaxed body is ideal, especially if the session lasts a long time. Note that for the D-day, in order to be in the right conditions, wearing loose clothing is more than advised. Some people tend to stress and be afraid when they think they are going to get a tattoo. To overcome the anxiety and pain that this can cause, there are techniques that have been proven to work. These include meditation or yoga. Getting calm, visualizing the steps and imagining a soothing setting can help you gain confidence and forget about the pain.

Turn to a qualified tattoo artist

To have a beautiful tattoo, you should not skimp on the means and go to a professional. Indeed, this tattooing advice is not to be taken lightly, especially if it's your very first experience. But how to choose a tattoo artist ? For that, some conditions must be studied. Most of the time, most of the customers choose their image engraver according to their style. It is important to know that some of them can be versatile and be comfortable with different styles. These include biomechanical, old school, new school, Japanese and realistic. Others, on the other hand, master only one style. That said, to identify an excellent tattoo artist from a novice, it is recommended to consult his portfolio, his website and to read the opinions expressed by his former clients. Apart from that, a tattoo artist is also selected according to his technique and his equipment. In short, he must use quality and well-maintained equipment. According to the decree n°2008-149 released on February 19th, 2008, those who exercise in this environment must follow a specific training and use sterilized and/or unique materials. As for the cost of the services provided by the tattooist, the price varies according to some points. Here, the address, the technique used and the notoriety are parameters to be taken into account.

Advice to take care of your tattoo

Once the tattoo is put on, it is essential to take care of it. Also, the main advice after tattooing of a professional tattooist, it is to apply a disinfectant and healing ointment. This will accelerate the healing process. It is also important to wear a sterile compress for at least two weeks after the session. This is necessary to avoid infections and microbes. In addition, swimming, hammam, baths and sauna are prohibited during these few days. This rule is to be respected to have a beautiful final result.
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