Tribal, mahori, tahitian: when tattooing rhymes with travel

Tattoos are not just traits of belonging to a group, we choose to get a tattoo because we are passionate about it, just like travel. Considered even as a fashion art par excellence, it can rhyme with Tahitian, tribal, Marquesan or Maori travel.

The tattoo, a culture with an infinite number of variations

Do you want to look like Hollywood stars by adopting tribal tattoos while traveling? If there is one style of tattoo that can be easily recognized by everyone, it is the Maori tattoo. Belonging to the Polynesian culture, it has as well a history that impresses tattoo enthusiasts all over the world. We evoke an ancestral art when we choose to be inked on the body or on the face. And even if in the past these tattoos were clearly classified as an act of discrimination, it is quickly becoming a fashion phenomenon evolving more and more towards a more artistic brand. You could however make the complete discovery of the most original tribal patterns that are true cultural arts. Thanks to this type of tattoo, you could be sure that no neighbor will have the same tattoos as you. It is a perfect way to showcase your personality, your origin, etc.

The Maori tattoo, a little known origin in the world

You are a great fan of tattooing and you have opted for this type of tattoo, a real art related to the technique of tattooing. Many of you don't know it, but it is a special male tattoo practiced in Polynesia and which uses most often ancient materials and products. Between the paintings and the engravings, expressions appear thus opening a whole other history really exciting. It is meant to particularly reflect the personality, intimacy and character of the wearer. It promises a journey made of flesh and inks, a relationship between the tattooed and the tattooist, a poetic approach in its own right. This kind of tattoo allows you to know more about the history of the tattoo in general. However, we must not forget to mention that it is important to know the meaning of the tattoo itself that we have anchored on ourselves and to know if it corresponds to us or not.

The Maori tattoo, everything to know about its meaning

Women and men can choose to get a Maori tattoo which allows you to know more about the Maori culture itself.  Each tattoo has a deep meaning that interests both tattooed people who are passionate about new cultures. Let's take a look at the Maori turtle tattoo, a motif that is often seen during a Maori tattoo session. You probably don't know it, but this design has a very important meaning for the people in Polynesia. A symbol of the sea, the turtle is a perfect translation of harmony and opulence. Ancient and modern tattoo artists represent it with a variety of designs related to the ocean. As for the Maori flower, it is a symbol of delicacy and beauty incarnate. Also, before going under the needle of a tattoo artist, it is essential to find out the meaning of the tattoos to be provided. Internet would be the best ally for this research. But you could also get information from a professional artist by asking him the right questions and to master perfectly this Maori art. All in all, the mahori tattoo is an art that has become quite popular and is usually seen on the upper body to enhance the shape of the body.
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