Where to get your first tattoo ?

When you love tattoos, the day often comes when you decide to go for it and start thinking about where to get your first tattoo. Whether it's the salon you choose, but also the type of tattoo and its location, it's an important decision that will be decisive for this unique experience. Being well informed and well accompanied in the process will be crucial for the project to be a success, that's why choosing where to get your first tattoo is extremely important, here are all our advices if you want to start.

Choose your salon and your tattoo artist

Getting a tattoo is far from being a trivial act and if you're already thinking about where to get your first tattoo it's information you've already taken into account. Before choosing where to get a tattoo on your body or even thinking about the design, the first and most important step is to choose the tattoo artist to whom you will entrust your project. So, if you are wondering where to get your first tattoo or rather to whom you will entrust this mission, you should know that choosing a tattoo artist is a somewhat complex step. Indeed, there is a great number of tattoo artists in France and some have their specialties and will be more gifted to realize some styles of tattoos than others. If you have a precise idea of the style you want, it will be preferable to contact a professional who masters this style, if you are not sure, you will have to take the time to look at the work of different tattoo artists to refine your tastes. The Blackblade salon offers a real coworking space dedicated to tattooing which means that several tattoo artists are likely to work in the same place, so it's the type of place that will be ideal if you want to go and discover the work of different artists and make your choice in a more informed way. Once you've made up your mind about where to get your first tattoo, you can then go there and see if the place looks clean and professional. We also advise you to talk to the tattoo artist whose work you are interested in to tell him about your project, your desires, and to ask for advice on where to get your first tattoo. A tattoo artist worthy of the name will be able to listen to you and make suggestions, it's also a question of feeling, if you don't feel at ease, go ahead. You can also ask if models drawn by the tattoo artist that he has never tattooed before are available, maybe you will have a crush. To be sure where to get your first tattoo, it may be necessary to take the time to meet several tattoo artists and visit several salons to get an idea, better to see too many than not enough.

Choosing your tattoo

Now that you know where to get your first tattoo (in which salon), you will have to think about where to get your first tattoo on your body. Even if you have not yet decided on the final design, the choice of the part of the body that will be tattooed will be an important choice. Indeed, for a first tattoo it is often advised to choose an area that you can easily hide if you wish and especially to be able to keep this information private in the professional context (even if things tend to evolve, some professions still have difficulty with tattooed people). Moreover, some areas are much more painful than others and this is information to take into consideration if you are particularly afraid of pain. Moreover, if you tend to get bored quickly and you are afraid of regretting your choice over time, you could perhaps opt for an area of the body that is not very visible to you, such as the back. There is therefore a lot of information to take into consideration when deciding where to get your first tattoo. In any case, the most concerned tattoo artists will refuse to do a first tattoo on very exposed areas like the face, the neck or the hands, and rightly so. As far as the motif is concerned, it is a very personal process. Some people will absolutely want to give meaning to their approach and opt for a design that will have a certain meaning for them. Others will simply prefer to opt for a very graphic and aesthetic piece without any particular meaning. There are no rules, everyone is free to choose and use their body as they wish. If you have any doubts, it is better to opt for a small tattoo to get a first idea of the pain and the result you hope for, and then move on to larger pieces if you like the result. We will also take care not to let ourselves be influenced by trends and fashions that will pass with time while your tattoo will always be there. Taking the time to think about it, even if you are in a hurry to take the plunge, is absolutely essential to find the design that will meet your expectations. Moreover, it will be quite possible to get in touch with your tattoo artist to propose him ideas and inspirations and to let him draw an original design on the basis of his ideas. These artists are often very creative and their proposal could perfectly match your expectations!

The D-day

You have finally decided where to get your first tattoo and this is the big day. Don't forget the tattoo artist's recommendations (no alcohol, no drugs, no medication that can thin the blood), get a good night's rest the night before and eat well before going to your appointment. While you are there, you can ask to listen to music or simply chat with your tattoo artist to forget the discomfort of the tattooing process. Once the layer has been applied to the skin, if you are not happy with the result, don't hesitate to say so, there is always time to go back, it's your body! Finally, once the session is over and despite the excitement of this new piece on your body, remember to listen to the hygiene recommendations from the tattoo artist (more information on the subject on the Health Tip blog). Moreover, during the whole healing period, you should absolutely avoid any exposure to the sun so that UV rays do not alter the quality of the drawing and do not fade the colors (an article on the subject here). If you notice something that the tattoo artist didn't tell you about or if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact him again to ask your questions, he is also there to accompany you after the tattoo is done. Finally, keep in mind that despite the pain you are living a unique experience, enjoy it!
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